PPI Consulting provides comprehensive consulting and support services for the execution of audiovisual, interactive, and other electronic systems and their related components.  The philosophy of the company is to provide a system design that supports the objectives of the customer, serves to complement the environment in which it is located, and meets the design, budget, and scheduling criteria that have been developed for it.

PPI provides specific assistance in the areas of:

  • System Master Planning
  • Feasibility Analyses
  • System Concept Design
  • Coordination assistance with the Architect, Engineer, Space Planner, et al.
  • Budget Development
  • Scheduling and Planning
  • Equipment Specification
  • Development of System Flow Drawings and Related Documents
  • Project Implementation Supervision
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Documentation
  • Training

Personnel at PPI include a multi-disciplinary team of designers, engineers, and project managers that are capable of providing technical support on large, complex projects.  Support equipment in our office include state-of-the-art computers, networks and computer aided design systems.

While all the projects are unique, they share the common threads of being responsive to their customers' needs, delivered on time and within the budget, and compliant with operational parameters set for them.

Robert J. Haroutunian


PO Box 58010

Washington, DC  20037

Phone: 202-255-2442